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440 Fun Outschool Class Ideas for Online Teachers in 2024

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Looking for some new Outschool class ideas?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to teaching your online classes? Are you looking for new and innovative lesson plan ideas to keep your students engaged and interested?

If so, then you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide a list of fun and unique Outschool class ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you are teaching a history class, a science class or something totally unique, there is something for everyone on this brainstorming list.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Outschool Class Ideas: Arts & Crafts

1. Pencil Sketching
2. Water Color Painting
3. Free-handed Cartoon Drawing
4. Realistic Drawing – Dogs
5. Crocheting for Beginners
6. Drawing Animals (Pigeons, Dogs)
7. Photography Basics – How to Use a Camera
8. Jewelry Making
9. Sketching and Shading Techniques
10. General Drawing Techniques
11. Drawing City Landscapes
12. Drawing People
13. The Art of Seeing – Photography
14. Design Your Own T-Shirt
15. Upcycling – Repurposing Old Clothes into New Fashion
16. Fashion Design & Sewing Basics
17. Sculpting with Modeling Clay
18. Creating Abstract Art
19. Painting on Canvas
20. Making Greeting Cards
21. Printmaking Techniques
22. Art Journaling
23. Designing Your Own Book Cover
24. Creating Mandalas
25. Origami for Beginners
26. Quilling Basics
27. Making a Dream Catcher
28. Scrapbooking
29. How to Make a Miniature Book
30. Calligraphy for Beginners
31. Making Your Own Soap
32. Creating a Vision Board
33. Making a Memory Jar
34. Candy Making
35. Baking 101 – Cupcakes
36. Chocolate Making
37. Designing Your Own Chocolate Bar
38. Creating a Cookie Jar
39. Baking Macarons
40. Making Your Own Pizza from Scratch
41. Brewing Kombucha
42. Cooking with Spices – Curries
43. Sushi Making Basics
44. Vegetarian Cooking
45. Grill Master – Barbecue Recipes
46. Baking with Alternative Flours – Gluten-Free
47. Meal Planning & Prepping
48. Cooking with Herbs, Sauces, Dips & Dressings
49. Leaf Rubbings
50. Vegan Cooking Basics

Blue Origami crane on a desk with a blurred background
Outschool online teaching on topics like Origami is so much fun!

Outschool Class Ideas: Science

51. The Science of Baking
52. Chemistry Experiments for Kids
53. Physics Experiments for Kids
54. The Human Body – How It Works
55. Space and the Solar System
56. Weather and Climate Science
57. Geography – World Landmarks
58. Biology – The study of plants and animals
59. The Environment – Saving our planet
60. The Science of Music
61. Sports Science – How do athletes perform?
62. The Science of Colors
63. How does the internet work?
64. The secrets of sleep
65. Forensic Science – Solving crimes
66. Coding for Beginners
67. The Science of Dreams
68. The Chemistry of Love
69. The Physics of Flight
70. The Math of Sports
71. How to Make a Volcano Erupting
72. The Science of Sound
73. Light & Lasers – Cool science experiments
74. Static Electricity Experiments
75. Make Your Own Lava Lamp
76. Magnetism Experiments
77. The Science of Superheroes
78. The Science of Toys
79. Making Ice Cream
80. Science Experiments with Food – Edible Science!
81. The Science of Plants
82. Germs – What are they and how do we stop them?
83. Fossils – Digging up the past
84. The Science of the Seasons
85. Animals – How do they adapt to their environment?
86. Insects – What’s bugging you?
87. The Science of Rabbits
88. Reptiles – What’s your favorite?
89. The Science of Birds
90. Ocean Animals – Who lives in the deep blue sea?
91. The Science of Horses
92. Dinosaurs – Rawr!
93. Bugs – Eww, gross!
94. Why do we fart?
95. The Science of Silly Putty
96. Slime, Oobleck, and other non-Newtonian fluids
97. The Science of Soap
98. The chemistry of stinky feet
99. What is a rainbow?
100. How do leaves change color in the fall?

Rainbow in the sky at sunset over the mountains.
Popular Outschool classes include a variety of science topics.

Outschool Class Ideas: Games and Gaming

101. Minecraft Bridge Duels
102. Adopt Me Themed Classes
103. Grounded – Game Play Classes
104. Scrap Mechanic Group Play
105. Animal Jam Classic for PC
106. Minecraft-Themed Escape Rooms
107. Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners
108. Chess
109. Roblox (Mad City, Bed Wars)
110. Minecraft (Escape Rooms, Modding Camp, Group Play)
111. Virtual Reality Group Play
112. Little Nightmares Game Play
113. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Amiibo Tournaments
114. Call of Duty – Warzone Game Play
115. FIFA21 Game Play
116. How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World Gameplay
117. Fortnite – Creative Mode Gameplay
118. Overwatch Game Play
119. League of Legends Game Play
120. Apex Legends Stardew Valley

Digital rendering of a minecraft world with a large, complex castle surrounded by a moat.
Ideas for classes can be Outschool activities that you enjoy doing anyway.

Outschool Class Ideas: Social Clubs

121. Soccer /Barcelona Fan Club
122. My Hero Academia Cosplay
123. Closet Organizing Social Club
124. Fruit Baskets Anime Club
125. Baseball Card Trading
126. Pokemon Club for Neurodiverse Learners
127. Huggy Wuggy Fan Club/ Social Group
128. Unschooled Kids Social Club
129. Anime Group Chat
130. Cooking Club
131. Movie Club (Netflix Party)
132. Baking Club
133. D&D and other TTRPG Social Club
134. Art Appreciation Social Club
135. Video Game Social Club
136. Book Club
137. Gardening Social Club
138. Knitting/Crochet Circle
139. Mythology Fans Unite!
140. Fashion Club
141. STEM Fans Social Club
142. Tabletop Games and Card Games Club
143. Theater Kids Social Club
144. Comic Book Appreciation Club
145. Conspiracy Theories Social Club
146. Myth Busters – Science Experiments Club
147. Photography Enthusiasts Club
148. Harry Potter Fan Club
149. ASMR Fans Club
150. Journaling and Creative Writing Social Club
151. Makeup and Skincare Routine Tips Club
152. Political Science – Learning about Government
153. Current Events Discussion Club
154. Sociology – How do people interact?
155. Philosophy – Why do we exist?
156. Debate Club
157. Creative Writing Club
158. Art Club
159. Dance Party Club
160. Podcast Club
161. Stand Up Comedy Appreciation Club
162. Improv Theater Games Club
163. Magician’s Club
164. Learn a New Language Social Club
165. ESL Freetalk Practice Club
166. Practice Public Speaking Social Club
167. Learn to Play an Instrument Club
168. Singing Lessons Social Club
169. Fitness and Health Club
170. Gardening Club

Boy sitting at a desk with a lamp lit on it while attending an online class.

Outschool Class Ideas: World Languages

171. Vietnamese for Beginners
172. Mandarin for Beginners
173. Latin Language and Root Words
174. Chinese for Beginners
175. Navajo Language for Beginners
176. Japanese Speaking and Kanji Writing
177. Intermediate/Advanced Thai Language and Literature
178. Beginner Latin
179. Tagalog
180. Spanish
181. Tibetan
182. Japanese
184. Korean – Alphabet, Conversational Words
185. Beginner French
186. American Sign Language (ASL)
187. Farsi
188. Italian for Beginners
189. Learn Arabic Online
190. Portuguese for Beginners

Language learning for kids are popular Outschool class ideas.

Outschool Class Ideas: Life Skills

191. Test Prep: SAT, PSAT, and OLSAT
192. Self Defense Class
193. Preppers Class: Packing Backpack, etc.
194. New Baby Sibling Care
195. Map Reading (Continent, Countries, and Road Maps)
196. Dressmaking
197. Lightsaber Skills Class – Spins and Tricks
198. How to Start a Party Planning Business
199. Rubric’s Cube Solving Class
200. How to Become a YouTube Influencer
201. Cooking and Baking Classes
202. Fun and Cool Hairstyling
203. Black Hairstyling Classes for textured hair
204. Junk Journaling
205. Stock Market (Beginning and Intermediate)
206. Intro to Real Estate
207. How to be a Good Citizen
208. Sewing Machine Basics
209. How to Be a Better Student – Time Management, Note-Taking, etc.
210. Study Skills and Organization Hacks for Teens and Tweens
211. How to Be a Good Friend
212. Digital Citizenship
213. How to Be a Good Sport
214. How to Stand Up for Yourself and Others
215. Conflict Resolution Skills
216. Meditation and Mindfulness for Teens
217. Stress Management for Teens
218. How to Be More Confident
219. Positivity and Gratitude Practices for Teens
220. Goal Setting and Achieving Dreams
221. How to Be More Assertive
222. Creative Visualization for Teens
223. Self-Esteem Boosters for Teens
224. How to Be Less Anxious
225. Classes on Racism and Injustice
226. What is Social Justice?
227. LGBTQ+ Allyship for Kids
228. Classes on Microaggressions
229. How to Be an Anti-Racist
230. Male Privilege and Femmephobia
231. Feminism and Intersectionality
232. How to Be an Ally to Indigenous People
233. Decolonizing Your Mind
234. Classes on Climate Change and the Environment
235. Sustainability and Going Green
236. How to Recycle Properly
237. Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!
238. Composting for Kids
239. Urban Farming
240. How to Build a Campfire

a campfire at sunset with 2 people blurred in the background sitting near it

Outschool Class Ideas: Performing Arts

241. Ukulele Lessons
242. Indian Classical Dance form ‘Kathak’
243. Breakdancing (All Levels)
244. Country Singing Lessons
245. Learn to Play the Recorder
246. Beginning DJ and Music Mixing
247. Bandlab for Beginners
248. K-pop Dance: Itzy or IZ One
249. Learn to Play the Drums
250. Ballet (All Levels)
251. Piano Lessons (All Levels)
252. Intermediate DJ and Music Mixing
253. Hip Hop Dance (All Levels)
254. TikTok Choreography (All Levels)
255. Songwriting Workshop
256. Gospel Choir
257. Create Your Own Opera
258. Salsa Dancing (All Levels)
259. Jazz Dance (All Levels)
260. Tapping with Timbaland
261. Contemporary Dance (All Levels)
262. Musical Theater Workshop
263. Create Your Own Podcast
264. Flamenco Dancing (All Levels)
265. Singing Lessons
266. Introduction to Chrome Music Lab
267. Create Your Own Video Game Music
268. Circus Performing Arts ( Juggling, Unicycling, Stilt-Walking, etc.)
269. Mime Workshop
270. Create Your Own TV Theme Song
271. Stand-Up Comedy Workshop
272. Magic Tricks for Kids
273. Create Your Own Comic Book
274. Ventriloquism Workshop
275. Create Your Own Radio Show
276. Puppetry Workshop
277. Foley Art and Sound Effects Class
278. Improv Theater Workshop
279. Radio Theater Workshop
280. Make Your Own Cartoon
281. Create Your Own Board Game
282. Design and Sew Your Own Costume
283. Makeup Effects Workshop
284. Create Your Own Stop-Motion Animation Film
285. Green Screen and Visual Effects Class
286. Writing and Performing Your Own Monologue
287. Directing a Scene Workshop
288. Create Your Own Sitcom
289. Playwriting Workshop
290. Performing Arts: Theater & Improv Games for Beginning Actors

girl taking online flute lessons on her laptop
Outschool is a great way to tutor kids during their out of school classes time.

Outschool Class Ideas: Math

291. Abacus Math
292. Fractions for Beginners
293. Multiplication
294. Business Math for Teens
295. Art of Problem Solving – Algebra 1 and Geometry
296. Pre-calculus
297. Russian Math
298. Geometry
299. Introduction to Statistics
300. Calculus
301. Trigonometry
302. Discrete Math
303. Linear Algebra
304. Math Games and Activities for Kids
305. Seeing Math in the Real World
306. Fractals
307. Origami Math
308. Topology
309. Mathematical Knots
310. The Number Pi
311. Prime Numbers
312. Math and Music
313. Fibonacci Numbers
314. The Golden Ratio
315. Euclidean Geometry

math tutor on a laptop screen giving a lesson to an online student.
Outschool teaching can help kids with a variety of math skills

Outschool Class Ideas: Social Studies & History

316. History of the Catholic Religion in the Philippines
317. Ancient African History
318. IGCSE History Topics​​
319. Mauritius: History and Culture
320. Vietnam War
321. The Civil Rights Movement
322. Latin American History
323. American Revolutionary War
324. Women’s Suffrage in the United States
325. The Holocaust
326. Ancient Greece
327. Ghengis Khan
328. Medieval History
329. World War I
330. World Religions
331. Indigenous Peoples of North America
332. The Cold War
333. Middle Eastern History
334. Asian History
335. European History
336. US Government and Civics for Kids
337. Introduction to American Law
338. How a Bill Becomes a Law
339. Why does Latin America speak Spanish, except Brazil?
340. Introduction to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, & its Amendments

Main pyramid at Chichen Itza without any people in the picture.
Outschool jobs are a fun way to share about your travels and passion for history

Outschool Class Ideas: Communication & English

341. 39 Clues Book Club
342. The Dark is Rising Book Club
343. Turtle Boy Book Club
344. Creative Writing
345. Graphic Novel Study for Neurodiverse High School Level
346. Sentence Diagramming
347. Book Writing Class
348. Babysitter’s Club Book Club
349. English Grammar
350. Reading Comprehension
351. CVC Words and Phonics
352. Communication and Debate Skills
353. Creative Writing for Teens
354. Vocabulary Building
355. Spelling
356. Reading Aloud with Expression and Fluency
357. Fiction Writing Workshop
358. Writing Music Reviews
359. How to Write a Book Report
360. Writing Personal Essays
361. How to Write a Research Paper
362. Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop
363. Blogging for Teens
364. Fan Fiction Writing Club
365. Copywriting WorkshopCoding and Technology
366. YouTube Studio Editing
367. Scratch For Beginners
368. Adobe Animate for Beginners
369. Python Coding
370. Coding for Neurodiverse Learners
371. Scratch For Advance Learners (Level 5)
372. Unity Coding
373. Video Game Design with Unity
374. Creating a Video Game in Scratch
375. Roblox Coding and Roblox Studio
376. HTML & CSS for Beginners
377. JavaScript for Beginners
378. Web Development with Django
379. App Development with Flutter
380. Creating AR Filters on Spark AR Studio
381. Creating Games in Godot
382. Making Music with CodeData
383. Code Combat
384. Creating a Chatbot with Dialogflow
385. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
386. IoT with Arduino
387. Raspberry Pi Projects
388. Creating Chatbots with Discord
389. Cybersecurity
390. Artificial Intelligence for Everyone: The Fundamentals

Laptop on a desk with coding on the screen
Teaching on Outschool is a fun way to make money.

Outschool Class Ideas: Health & Wellness

391. Indoor Aerobic Fitness
392. Contortion and Flexibility
393. Minecraft Yoga
394. Meditation and Mindfulness for Beginners
395. Reiki for Kids
396. Qigong for Beginners
397. Pilates & Yoga for Beginners
398. Zumba Dance Fitness
399. Hula Hoop Fitness
400. Intermediate Hula Hoop
401. Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens
402. Advanced Hula Hoop Tricks and Combos
403. Circus Arts
404. Juggling for Beginners
405. Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo) for Beginners
406. Poi Spinning for Beginners
407. Hula Hooping to Music
408. Aerial Yoga
409. Mental & Emotional Wellbeing for Teens
410. Creating a Self-Care Plan
411. Eating Disorder Recovery
412. Positive Affirmations for Teens
413. Dealing with Anxiety
414. Introduction to Mindfulness
415. Exploring Emotions with Art
416. Conquering Procrastination
417. Building Self-Esteem
418. Expressing Feelings in a Healthy Way
419. Recognizing & Managing Anger
420. Overcoming Negative Thinking Patterns
421. Relaxation Techniques for Teens
422. Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation
423. Mindfulness for Kids
424. Social & Emotional Learning for Kids
425. Creative Movement & Mindfulness for Toddlers
426. The Science of Happiness
427. Gratitude Practices
428. Mindfulness for Athletes
429. EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
430. Self-Compassion Meditation
431. Radical Self-Acceptance
432. Visualization for Relaxation
433. Introduction to Stepping
434. Tai Chi
435. Guided Imagery for Relaxation
436. Breath Awareness Meditation
437. Body Scan Meditation
438. Mindful Walking Meditation
439. Meditation for Sleep
440. Introduction to Ballet

Flexible anonymous woman practicing uttanasana at home
The best Outschool classes ideas are the ones that you can deliver most engagingly.

Other Resources for Online Teachers

If you have an Outschool class idea but aren’t sure how to implement it, check the Tutor Resource’s online teaching archives.

Book cover for an ebook titled How to Create an Online Lesson in 12 Easy Steps by David and Brodi Cole
This book can help if you’re wondering help if you’re wondering how to teach on Outschool.

We even have a free ebook that can help you create online lessons for your own personal use when teaching for Outschool!

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Final Thoughts on Outschool Class Ideas

Trying new Outschool classes is a great way to get kids excited about learning. There are so many great Outschool class ideas out there that this is just a small selection!

Hopefully, it has sparked something to invigorate your Outschool classroom. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy teaching your students. They’ll love learning from you.

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