Frequently asked questions

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Once you have paid for a course, you will find it in the My Courses section of your profile. Or you can go to the curriculum page and click on the lesson name of the course that you want to use. If the lesson is greyed out, then you are either not enrolled, or not logged in properly.

At this time the presentations are not for download. The majority of creators on the site only allow viewing from within the web portal. Occasionally, you will find a creator that will have some downloadable such as homework, activities, and even some presentations. If this is the case, they will be indicated in the course with a download button.

ClassIn has several options for using these lessons with your students. The method we usually recommend is to use the browser feature found in the Teach Tools icon ToolBox in your teacher controls. You will need to click the more arrow at the bottom of the ToolBox to find the browser. You can also use their screen sharing tools as well, also found in the ToolBox, but this method doesn’t let you utilize the other ClassIn tools as easily while sharing your screen. For a demo of how to use ClassIn with out lessons please watch this tutorial on our YouTube Channel.

While the content creators strive for excellence, sometimes you might find what you consider an error. Simply reach out to the creator directly. You can find a contact form at the bottom of their pages. Simply send them a message. Be sure to be specific so that they can address your issue quickly. State what level/unit/lesson/slide/etc that you are referring to. Also some creators may have multiple curriculum on the site, so please let them know which one you have a question about.

If you do need to cancel, you can do so from your My Account page.

If you choose to delete your Tutor Resource account, you won’t be able to rent any of the lessons or curriculum on the site without creating a new one. We are always adding new content and options to the site, and are committed to keeping the membership to the site FREE for educators to find and have access to quality lessons to work with their students. However, if you do choose to delete your Tutor Resource account you would just need to hover over your account icon in the top right corner of the browser, go down to settings, and select delete account. If you do choose to do this could you answer this brief exit survey?