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Please see below for our guidelines on guest posting. If you contact us to guest post and your email clearly shows you haven’t read these, then we will mark your email as spam. So please read them if you’re truly interested in working with us!

Yes, but there are some restrictions.

We only accept guest posts from bloggers with their own websites. Guest posts are an opportunity to showcase new bloggers, not companies.

You will come up with a topic, however, we are more likely to accept and feature articles about topics that are related to our focus: helping online teachers and tutors connect with resources they need to teach their online students. You can see what sort of topics we’ve already covered here.

The article must be 1500 words or more. The more you write, the better. Not only do we like thorough blog posts, but so does Google (and we like Google)! Bonus points if you’ve already done your own keyword research and have a specific, targeted keyword in mind.

No. All guest posts must be original ideas and words. They must be submitted with high-quality photos you haven’t used or submitted elsewhere.

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You’ll also get to include two links to your personal blog in this post in addition to a bio link to your home page.

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If you’re interested in guest posting on The Tutor Resource, send us an email at contact@thetutorresource.com. In the subject line, please include Guest Post Idea + (Your Name).

No! Absolutely not! We do not accept money in exchange for backlinks. If you are a company looking to pay us to insert a link onto our website, we will mark it as spam.