Global Tutor Summit:

Expanding Your Online Teaching Horizons


Start the day with a healthy breakfast before our speakers start with their presentations.

Day 1:

Online ESL Teaching

Jamie will discuss getting started with online teaching. In addition to other topics, she will explain the difference between working for online companies and marketplaces as well as how to be successful as a freelance online ESL teacher. She’ll also discuss some of her top tips for recruiting new students.

Meaghan will talk about curriculum creation for online teaching. She will discuss what goes into setting up a working scope and sequence. She will provide a demonstration of the Teachers Together English online curriculum that she helped to create.

Brenda will talk about the tools she uses to create her unique Young Learners Library stories, which helps kids learn reading and the English language through interactive, online stories. She will outline what a creator needs to do to make these types of lessons as well as how to use the lessons with students.

Tim will discuss in detail how to successfully become a teacherpreneur, including branding and student recruitment. He will give his expert insights into the online teaching industry, including where it is now and where it is going.

Helen Clare will talk about her experience as a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) creator and instructor. She’ll help teachers find new and creative ways to teach ESL through other subjects, like helping students practice their English skills through Science or Geography lessons.

Day 2:

Online Teaching

Autumn Williams from Culture Corner Academy will talk about teaching and traveling as a digital nomad family. She designs Outschool history and culture lessons and has successfully balanced teaching and traveling with her family. If you’re looking to teach something besides language, or want to be a full time travel teacher with a family, then Autumn’s story is sure to inspire you!

Angie Dutton will talk about her experience as a digital nomad for the past seven years traveling the world. She has been an online teacher with several different companies but currently teaches dance with Allschool. Her inspiring story will help online teachers find unique approaches to teaching online beyond ESL.

Keila de Moreno will talk about working for a unique type of online school. She will discuss what the school is and how they offer both synchronous and asynchronous learning to online students ages 8-18 in every time zone around the world.

Craig has always used board games to teach everything from math and science to art and language in his traditional classroom in Ontario, Canada. During the pandemic, he took this practice online and will share his tips for teaching board games online to help online teachers think outside the box for building their online teaching business.

Selene Estaris is a Social Studies teacher in the Philippines. She’s also an Apple Learning Leader, EdTech Coach, and Global LeadED Globe Learning Coordinator at Xavier School. She’ll discuss how she led her school’s online teaching initiatives when the pandemic started, as well as how she made it successful when so many other schools around the world struggled.

Day 3:

Online Teaching Resources

Aili Olichney from Genially will be discussing gamification, what Genially is, and using the Genially lesson creation tools.

Jillian Shanahan from Online Teaching Shenanigans will talk about Allschool. From what it is and how it works to how to get hired and how to get booked, she has the answers!

Heather Horn from The Tall Traveling Teacher will talk about Outschool. From what it is and how it works to how to get hired and how to get booked, she has the answers!

Julia hosts a podcast as well as regular online workshops for her community of online tutors. She’ll discuss how tutors can find resources to be safe, skilled, and supported in their online businesses. If you’ve been feeling alone in your online tutoring business, this session is for you!

Day 4:

Work Abroad Life

Richelle will talk about moving abroad. She moved abroad as a teacher in 2013 and for five years, she has been coaching wannabe expats and digital nomads to take the plunge into an international lifestyle. She’ll share some of her best tips and tricks for navigating digital nomad visas and tips for getting work visas abroad.

Rachel will discuss her experience living and traveling abroad as a digital nomad and online ESL teacher. She’s been on the go full-time since 2016. While she’s worked for a few online teaching programs, she currently teaches online with Langu and also teaches independently. She’ll share tips and tricks for balancing work and travel as a digital nomad teacher.

Deborah Barlow has been a full-time traveling teacher for over 11 years. From starting as an ESL teacher at a school in Ecuador to transitioning to online freelance teaching and settling in Europe to live for a while, she will talk about her experiences as a single parent working and traveling abroad with her family. Her inspiring story will show that being a digital nomad traveling teacher isn’t just for the young, single crowd!

After several years of traveling as a digital nomad online teacher, Brian settled down in South Korea shortly before the pandemic began. He currently teaches English online with a Korean company as well as works with private students as a freelance online teacher. He’ll talk about what it’s like teaching as a digital nomad as well as transitioning to teaching online from a long-term home base. Brian will also talk about how he finds his online students in Korea.

Speaker List

Brenda Brooks

Brenda Brooks - VLEROCK
Virtual Learning Educators Rock

VLEROCK Young Learners Library

Helen Clare

Helen Clare - The Orchard Academy
The Orchard Academy

The Orchard Academy

Jamie Gajewski

Jamie Gajewski - ESL Teacher 365
ESL Teacher 365

ESL Teacher 365

Meaghan Lister

Meaghan Lister - Teachers Together English
Teachers Together English

Teachers Together English

Tim Gascoigne

Tim Gascoigne - The Online Teacher Dude
The Online Teacher Dude

The Online Teacher Dude

Angie Dutton

Angie Dutton - Minimalist ESL Teacher and Coach
Minimalist ESL Teacher and Coach

Minimalist ESL Teacher and Coach

Autumn Williams

Autumn Williams - Culture Corner Academy
Culture Corner Academy

Culture Corner Academy

Craig Thompson-Wood

Peel School District

Teaching With Board Games

Keila de Moreno



Selena Estaris

Selena Estaris - Xavier School
Xavier School, Inc.

Xavier School in the Philippines

Aili Olichney

Aili Olichney - Genially

Genially US Education
Community Lead

Heather Horn

Heather Horn - The Tall Traveling Teacher
The Tall Traveling Teacher

The Tall Traveling Teacher

Jillian Shanahan

Jillian Shanahan - Online Teaching Shenanigans
Online Teaching Shenanigans

Online Teaching Shenanigans

Julia Silver

Qualified Tutor

Qualified Tutor

Brian Erovick

Abroad Teacher

Abroad Teacher

Debora Barlow

Traveling Teacher

Traveling Teacher

Rachel Story

Rachel Story - Grateful Gnomads
Grateful Gnomads

Grateful Gnomads

Richelle Gamlam

Richelle Gamlam - Move Abroad Coach
Move Abroad Coach

Move Abroad Coach

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