TTR has a legal obligation to collect applicable transaction taxes including VAT (Value Added Tax), GST (Goods & Services Tax), or other types of sales taxes, for purchases, which may vary depending on a student’s local, state, and country jurisdiction. This article includes answers to frequently asked questions we receive regarding taxes for TTR purchases.

Who has to pay transaction taxes on TTR purchases?

Students who reside in regions that collect transaction taxes like VAT, GST, or other types of sales taxes may be required to pay a tax when they make a purchase on the TTR platform. Taxes are calculated based on a variety of factors such as account and billing information. 

TTR reserves the right to change this policy to be in compliance with tax requirements at any time.

How can I preview how much transaction tax will be charged?

During the checkout process, any applicable taxes will be included in your order total before you are charged. The tax amount that was charged will be indicated in your receipt and the tax rate will be reflected in the transaction’s invoice. 

Depending on the region you live in and the tax being collected, tax will be included in the display price or included in the total. For example, students purchasing courses in tax-inclusive countries will see the tax included in the course price. So, if the course is priced at £19.99, then the student would pay £19.99 for the purchase. 

Students purchasing courses in tax-exclusive countries will see the tax displayed on the checkout page as “Estimated Tax”. 

Where can I see how much transaction tax was charged after I make a TTR purchase?

When you complete a purchase on TTR, you will be sent a receipt via email, which will break down the purchase price and taxes separately. The amount you paid will be shown on your receipt beside Tax.


Where can I get a copy of my receipt ?

If you require another copy of your receipt you can quickly access one by heading to the Order History in your account.  

Is it possible to get receipts without the transaction tax amount that was charged shown? Or can TTR remit the transaction taxes I paid?

Due to legal obligations we must show the amount of tax that was charged for each transaction. We will not be able to remove tax amounts from receipts. As is a business to consumer website, we are not able to remove references to taxes from our receipts or invoices. 


TTR does not provide tax, legal, accounting, or other professional advice or services. TTR’s services are not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, such advice or services. You should consult your own tax, legal, accounting, or other professional advisors for this type of advice or service.