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An all-in-one tutor administrative solution with a growing community of teacher made curriculum, courses, and resources. We have 18 years of experience in teaching, training, and business consulting


About Us

Prior to becoming digital nomads, we lived in Chicago running in the rate race. Brodi has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and spent a lot of her 16 year career in project management. Many of those projects involved designing and delivering training programs. David has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design & Technology, and worked as a corporate trainer as well as a professor for an online university.

We started out as a full-time traveling, digital nomad family of three in 2019. We worldschool our son and enjoy seeking adventure as a family. Many who know about us can attest we have always lived our lives a little differently. See our family’s blog at Our Offbeat Life.

David has always enjoyed content creation and transitioned to online ESL teaching before we left to travel full time. We traveled the world for two years with ESL teaching as our primary income. When China’s policies on foreign ESL teachers changed, thousands of tutors found themselves without students.

 As we began connecting privately with students, their parents, and other online ESL tutors worldwide we found that certain needs were not being adequately met. Most existing curriculums were not sufficient for what parents expected. It was difficult to receive payments from parents in certain countries, including Mainland China. There were no scheduling resources that allowed for scheduling classes after bulk packages were purchased. Curriculum creators were not being adequately compensated for their creation efforts. ESL tutors trying to create their own tutoring businesses were spending far too much time on administrative tasks.  

We realized if we wanted to work smarter, not harder that we needed to create our own all-in-one solution. Between our corporate backgrounds and digital nomad work experience, we knew we could build the right solution for our own needs that would also be a fit for online tutors around the world.

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