About the marketplace maintenance program

The Tutor Resource strives to provide an opportunity for success for all courses. In order to increase the discoverability of quality courses, improve site performance, and support overall marketplace health, we periodically audit and unpublish content that has shown little to no recent signs of new student engagement, and fails to meet certain marketplace best practices (please see below for more information).

What does it mean for a course to be unpublished?

When a course is unpublished from the TTR marketplace, new students can no longer find and enroll in it. Previously enrolled students retain access to the content, and instructors can still edit the “draft” course.

What content is at risk of being unpublished?

Content may be considered for removal as part of the marketplace maintenance program if it:

  • Has had little to no recent enrollments, revenue, and engagement, AND
  • Has not historically had significant enrollments, revenue, and engagement, AND
  • Has not been updated within the last six months

Content is more likely to be flagged for the maintenance program if its Course Landing Page is sparse and/or has a significant amount of content in common with other Course Landing Pages.

Will instructors be notified if their content is at risk of being unpublished? 

If your content is at risk of being unpublished, you will receive an email indicating which courses need attention. 

What should instructors do if their content is at risk of being unpublished?

If your content has been flagged for the marketplace maintenance program, and you want to ensure your content stays available for enrollment on the TTR marketplace, make sure it has:

  • A robust course landing page (including at least four learning objectives in the “What you’ll learn” section)
  • A unique course description
  • At least one significant update in the last six months 

Learn more about these guidelines and others in TTR’s Course Material Basics.  

Can instructors re-publish their content after it has been unpublished in the marketplace maintenance program? 

Content that has been unpublished as part of this program can be republished. However, if your content continues to garner low interest from new students and does not meet the requirements above, it may be unpublished again. You will only receive an email notification the first time a given course is flagged for the marketplace maintenance program.