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About Teachers Together English

Our History

This group formed shortly after the collapse of the ESL training companies when many were forced to change their business practices leaving many teachers without any formal lessons to work with their private students. The group of likeminded educators got together with the intention of creating lessons to use amongst themselves with their students. The group quickly began to evolve into something more and more formal with the idea of expanding and getting the lessons out to as many teachers who needed them as possible. 

At Teachers Together English we create high-quality, engaging, diverse, and inclusive English lessons suitable for use in your ESL classroom. We offer comprehensive lessons for pre-beginner through intermediate learners that combine phonics, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and math in one 25 minute lesson.

We make learning and practicing English fun! 

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The Team

Our lessons are created by a group of experienced online and classroom teachers who have collectively taught more than 25,000 ESL lessons and have more than 50 years of experience teaching.


Our lessons are designed to be used in your ESL classroom. They have been tested on Zoom, ClassIn, WebEx, and Voov. We value your feedback and our lessons are regularly updated in response to feedback and requests from teachers who use our lessons.

Teachers Together English has designed a curriculum taking into consideration the unique needs of English as Second Language learners with high-interest topics as well as topics that are necessary for success in an English world. Whether you are preparing students for high-stakes testing or just ensuring they have the English skills necessary for everyday conversations, our lesson materials will give your students a strong foundation in English.

Sample Lessons

Level 1 (sample)

Lessons for novices and beginners

Level 2 (sample)

Lessons for beginners (A1)

Level 3 (sample)

Lessons for beginners (A1) and pre-Intermediate (A2)

Level 4 (sample)

Lessons for intermediate students (B1)

Level 5 (sample)

Lessons for intermediate students (B1)

Level 6 (sample)

Lessons for upper-intermediate students (B2)

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This membership will get you access to the growing Teachers Together English Curriculum which consists of 7 levels of instruction with 10 units in each level that in turn have 10 lessons within them. That’s 700 lessons that are continually being added to and updated by our talented group of instructors, creators and editors. 

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