Real Life English: Rainforests (Weekly Access)


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Have fun talking and learning about rainforests, its layers, and the animals that live in it. In this lesson, through a combination of short reading excerpts and questions, learners will work on their conversational skills. To see the full course and lesson layout click here.


Talk about and explore the rainforests. Learn vocabulary including:

  • Rainforest
  • Equator
  • Forest floor
  • Understory layer
  • Canopy layer
  • Emergent layer
  • Absorb

Learn about the layers of the rainforest and the animals found in each layer. Talk about why rainforests are important to us.

This presentation is designed to be delivered in a 25 minute conversational English lesson. It is a combination of short reading excerpts with free talk questions, and practice screens. At the end of the lesson, learners are challenged to present the information they have learned in the lesson by answering the questions from the lesson.

It is suitable for upper-level beginners, or early intermediate English learners. This lesson could be used with adults or children.


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