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Going Up Level 1 ESL Interactive Curriculum is for online teachers working with young beginner English students. Students will learn the letter sounds, basic vocabulary groups, and beginner grammar concepts/sentences.


Enjoy the (nearly) complete Going Up Level 1 ESL Curriculum. This curriculum was specially designed for online teachers working with young beginner English students. It is suitable for students from PreK to 1st grade.

Level 1 lays the foundation for the rest of the Going Up Curriculum. Students will learn the letter names and sounds. They will work with basic vocabulary groups including color, shapes, feelings, family, body parts, seasons, clothing, senses, home, jobs, food, and places. Level 1 introduces grammar concepts; basic adjectives, verbs, prepositions, and the “to be” verb. Students will work to build sentence structures with support from the teacher.

These lessons are sure to grab your student’s attention with colorful illustrations, gifs, and 3D graphics. Have fun working on phonics, building vocabulary, and practicing sentences with your student.

Level 1 is fully interactive. Each lesson includes plenty of clickable and draggable interactive activities. Have fun watching the animations, listening to the audio effects, and playing games. Students love singing at the start of class and creating their rewards.

*Units 1 to 3 are still static slides. They will be updated to interactive versions.

**Units 8 to 10 coming soon!


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