Absolute Beginners Course -Level 0 (monthly)

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You will have access to 20 lessons. To see the full course click here.


These fun, colorful and engaging lessons are the perfect way to introduce the English language to young learners! The lessons are designed for younger learners (3-7) who are absolute beginners to the English language. They  consist of activities, phonics, songs, new vocabulary, role plays & games that will make learning English fun!

In this course there are 8 different units. [Colors, Farm Animals, Numbers, What Can You Do?, How Are You, T is for Toys, W is for Weather, Z is for Zoo].  (Please refer to the course description for a more detailed description & lesson objectives of each unit).

Each lesson consists of new vocabulary words, simple sentence patterns, and two letters.  For each letter, the student will learn and practice letter recognition, phonics, and two words that are associated with each letter. 

** For Classin Users – There will also be EDB for each class.  The students will have fun learning by dragging and dropping different pictures on the screen!


UNIT 1: NUMBERS [2 classes]

  • VOCAB: Numbers 1-10

UNIT 2: FARM ANIMALS [3 classes]

    • VOCAB: goat, horse, pig, sheep, dog, cat, cow
    • SENTENCE:  What is it? Is it a ___? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.
    • PHONICS: – at 

UNIT 3: COLORS [2 classes]

    • VOCAB: colors
    • SENTENCE: What color is it?  It is ___. “A (noun) is (color).”
    • LETTERS:  *Review letters A-H
    • PHONICS: -at, -ed
    • SIGHT WORDS: the, is 

UNIT 4: WHAT CAN YOU DO? [4 classes]

    • VOC: fly, jump, run, swim, dance, ride a bike
    • SENTENCE PATTERN: I can (action).  Can (you, she, he, they) (action), Yes, ____ can. No, ___ can’t.
    • SIGHT WORD: can, he, she
    • PHONICS: -am, -an, -en, -et

UNIT 5: FEELINGS [3 classes]

    • VOC: happy, sad, angry, fine, sleepy, hungry, 
    • SENTENCE: How are you? I am ___.  Are you___? Yes, I am. No, I’m not.
    • SIGHT WORDS: you, are
    • LETTERS: OPQR (review A-N)
    • PHONICS: –op, -ap

UNIT 6: TOYS [4 lessons]

    • VOC: playdough, blocks, puzzle, a doll, a ball, a kite, car, boat, plane
    • SIGHT WORDS: have, want, there
    • SENTENCE: I have a _____. I want a ____.
    • READING: There is a ____ in the tox box.
    • PHONICS: STUV (-ot, -us)

UNIT 7: WEATHER (3 lessons)

    • VOC: sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, 
    • SIGHT WORDS: how
    • SENTENCE: How’s the weather? It is ____.
    • PHONICS: – en, et

UNIT 8: Z is for ZOO (3 lessons)

    • VOC: tiger, lion, giraffe, elephant, bear, zebra, hippo
    • SENTENCE: I can see a ___ at the zoo. I want to see a ___.
    • SIGHT WORDS: see, at
    • PHONICS: review all, work on 2-3 letter blending


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I have over 10 years experience teaching English; 3 of which have been online. Now as an independent online ESL teacher, I am designing my own curriculum for my students. I am glad that other teachers and students can benefit from these fun classes as well!