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  • Winter Olympics 2022 (weekly)


    This lesson is a chance to talk to your students about the Winter Olympics happening right now in Beijing. This lesson is for beginner to intermediate students. The vocabulary sections will work well for most students, but the reading/story at the end is designed more for intermediate students.

    Vocabulary includes (mascot, stadium, torch, skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, skating, bobsledding, luge, skeleton, ice hockey, biathlon, and more).

    Grammar is kept pretty simple, mostly using To Be verbs and simple sentences.

    The Reading is from a B1-C2 level story so it might be helpful to take turns with some less experienced readers.

    There are interactive features and tool tips to click on throughout the lesson.

    Finally, there is a vocabulary check at the end in the form of two Tic-Tac-Toe games.