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  • A Young Learners Interactive Library (month)


    Welcome to story time in the 21st Century. Here we match the creativity of the digital age with the knowledge from the past. Let us take you on an adventure. All our stories are student-inspired and tested. Your student or child will gain the love of reading and keep coming back as the games are…

  • A Young Learners Interactive Library (monthly subscription)

    $8.99 / month

    There are stories with reading comprehension, video, and downloadable pdf to give your students.

  • ESL VIPKid Levels, Reading Levels, Lexiles, and Textbook Levels Graphic PREVIEW

    ESL VIPKid Levels, Reading Levels, Lexiles, and Textbook Levels Graphic


    This graphic is a tool that can be used for placing students based on age, CCSS, CEFR, VIPKid level, Lexile score, Pioneer Valley Books GRL (same as RAZ), DRA Developmental Reading Assessment Level, ATOS Accelerated Reader Level, Grade Level, and China’s National Public Education System Knowledge. There are multiple textbooks included in this chart, including TOEFL, Cambridge English, Oxford English Discover/Everybody Up/Let’s Go!/Phonics World, eFuture Grammar, Wonders, Wonderskills, Flip the Classroom, and National Geographic Reach Higher and Reading Explorer. It also includes English learning targets and cross-curricular goals. This graphic is a one-stop shop to finding the correct level for your English language learner in whatever text or curriculum you’re using.

  • Plotline Diagram Graphic Organizer

    Plotline Diagram Graphic Organizer


    This product is a plot line diagram for uneven plots with mostly rising action and not much falling action or resolution. This can be used to diagram the plot for any story. It can be used to reinforce vocabulary relating to plot and can also be used to assess knowledge of what happens in a story. Perfect for a homework assignment or a post-reading activity.

  • Super Phonics

    This interactive superhero-themed phonics course will have your student soaring to amazing English pronunciation. Students will also learn sight words and read a short story together.