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Welcome to story time in the 21st Century. Here we match the creativity of the digital age with the knowledge from the past. Let us take you on an adventure. All our stories are student-inspired and tested. Your student or child will gain the love of reading and keep coming back as the games are built in and keep them playing over and over. The student or child learns in a 1, 2, 3 proven method.

  • 1st Listen , they will listen, watch, and follow the story.
  • 2nd Learn, they will learn through audio and repetition while playing and roleplaying with the interactive characters.
  • 3rd Reinforcement, they learning is reinforced through comprehensive gamification.

Finally, the teacher or parent will have the ability to download the mp4 and pdf, so that the child will continue learning after.

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Ages 4-6


Reading Library:
Ages 7-9


Reading Library:
Ages 10-12


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Started my journey in a foreign country with an opportunity to teach from youngsters to adults. An accidental career that was a perfect fit for my personality and creative drive. Online Founder, Creator, Trainer, and Mentor with over 20 years in the ESL industry.