Teachers Together English Curriculum Level 2 (Basic)

Basic Plan

These lessons are designed for young learners that are considered pre- beginner to beginner (Pre A1 to A1).

This will give you access to the Teachers Together English Level 2 Curriculum for one month. This is for the FULL Level 2 Curriculum. This includes 10 Units with 10 ESL lessons in each. You will have access to these 100 lessons for 1 month.

There are 10 levels with 100 lessons available in this level.

Currently Available:
Unit 1 – Intro to Pets
Unit 2 – Technology For Kids
Unit 3 – Weather
Unit 4 – Food We Eat
Unit 5 – On The Farm
Unit 6 – Body Parts
Unit 7 – At The Zoo
Unit 8 – Places In My Neighborhood
Unit 9 – Play With Friends
Unit 10 – Birthday Party

One Month Of Access

1 month of access

This is for membership into all of the Level 2 lessons for one month

Monthly Subsription

SALE $4.99 / month

This is a reoccurring subscription to all of the lessons in Level 2