Real Life English (Full Curriculum)

Designed to help your ESL Learners develop speaking confidence.

Get access to a variety of free talk lessons suitable for English as a Second Language Learners of all ages. Lessons have been divided into four levels of difficulty, but each lesson can be scaffolded up or down. Use the lessons with as many learners as you want.


Length :
25 – 30 minutes

Real Life English (4)


Real Life English Daily Routines

  • Daily Routines – Let’s Talk
    • Rise and Shine – Getting Ready for the Day
    • Good Night – Getting Ready for Bed
  • Recommended Resources
    • Listening Activity – Morning Routines
    • Extension Activity – More Daily Routines

Real Life English - Day Adventures

  • Day Adventures – Let’s Talk
    • A Trip to the Park
    • A Trip to the Beach
    • A Trip to the Zoo
    • A Trip to the Farm
    • A Trip to the Pet Shop

Real Talk English - Dinosaurs (1)

  • Let’s Talk
    • Dinosaurs
    • Let’s Talk About Jobs – Paleontologists

Real Life English - Eating Out

  • Let’s Talk
    • Fast Food Restaurants
    • Ordering Pizza
  • Additional Activities
    • Interactive Quiz – Fill in the Prepositions (some, a, an, the)

Real Life English - Giving Directions

  • Let’s Talk
    • Getting Around the City – Asking and Giving Directions

Real Life English - Free Talk - Rainforests

  • Rainforests
    • Let’s Talk
  • Additional Activities
    • Interactive Video Quiz – Rainforests 101 – National Geographic
    • Let’s Sing
    • Vocabulary – Flashcards and Games
  • Recommended Videos
    • Rainforest Animals – Animals for Kids
    • The 4 Layers of the Rainforest
    • Amazon: The Lungs of Our Planet by BBC

Real Life English - Stinky Animals - Skunks

  • Stinky Animals – Skunks
    • Let’s Chat
  • Recommended Videos
    • Gross Science – The Chemistry of Skunk Spray
    • Animal Fact Files – Skunks: Not Always Stinky

Real Life English-Visiting The Farm


  • Let’s Talk
    • What Do You Think About Zoos?
    • What Do You Think About Television?
    • What Do You Think About Movies?
  • Additional Activities



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Designed to Help Your ESL Learners Improve Their Speaking Confidence

Engaging Free Talk Lessons

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