Wonderful Kindergarten – Level 1

Wonderful Kindergarten

Through the Kindergarten units, students will be introduced to the basic sounds in the English language. Students will engage in fun activities where they can interact with the teacher while learning! Kindergarten students love to sing and dance! Many songs where students can get moving are incorporated into the units. This curriculum includes short stories where students will become familiar with basic sounds and sight words while learning about animals, feelings, shapes, and many other topics for children. Many of the units include EDBs where students can drag and drop to engage in the lessons. The students love to find objects around their own homes to interact. Each lesson includes a warm up, song or poem, phonics activity, high frequency words, and stories. Many of the lessons will include a grammar section where students will begin to learn basic grammar skills. Have your students begin the Kindergarten journey with exciting, interactive lessons!

Difficulty: Beginner

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meyea061 meyea061 Author

Hi! My name is Alyssa! I have been teaching for 12 years and teaching online for the past 4 years. I began teaching online with GogoKid and VIPKID and am now tutoring English privately! I have 3 degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Education, Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling. I have 2 children of my own, and am very familiar with the current English curriculum. I thoroughly enjoy making interactive, fun lessons for my students. Each lesson is unique to keep my student’s attention!

Lesson 1 – Students will be introduced to the concept of “friends.” Students will begin by learning to introduce themselves and practicing answering the question, “How are you?” To begin, we will sing a song together! We will then practice the sound /m/ by repeating the sound and saying key words that begin with the letter ‘m.’ We will also practice writing the letter Mm together. Then, students will practice the high frequency word: the. Students will be guided to read a story that uses the taught high frequency word and sound. Students love to listen to stories! To end the lesson, the student will hear a story about animal friends. The teacher can prompt the student to answer comprehension questions throughout or point out familiar objects in the story pictures.

Lesson 2 – Students will continue to learn the concept of friends! In this lesson, we will also discuss feeling words such as, happy, sad, angry, etc…. by looking at pictures and drawing our own pictures to check for understanding. We will also review ‘the’ and practice writing words that begin with the /m/ sound. Students will hear a song about making new friends! The song can be played multiple times to encourage students to participate. The student will learn a new high frequency word: can. We will practice using complete sentences to say what we can do (ex: I can swim.). The story incorporated into this lesson includes a review of the high frequency word, the, and also our new high frequency word, can. The teacher will guide the student through the short story. To end this lesson, the teacher can read and encourage student participation while reviewing our animal friend story!

Lesson 3 – This lesson will consist of a review of the sounds, vocabulary, and high frequency words included in Lesson 1 and 2. The teacher will identify if all skills have been mastered through various activities!

Homework – There is a homework sheet attached for each lesson to begin checking for understanding.

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