Teachers Together English – L5U01 (Part 2) – Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

These lessons are part of the Teachers Together English Curriculum. The lessons in this unit revolve around “Dinosaurs and Pre-Historic Animals”. These lessons are designed for young learners that are considered high-intermediate (B1).

  • Vocabulary includes (flap, prey, species, evolve, glide, aquatic, marine, terrifying, enormous, mammal, thrive, hind, protruding, insulated, ice age, legendary, creature, mythical, confused, folklore).
  • HFWs include (arm, date, neither, wrap, wrong).
  • Phonics include syllables.
  • covers the irregular plurals that don’t change, irregular plurals ending in “f”, “fe”, “us”, “o”, “um”, and “is”.
  • Math covers place values through millions, number/word/expanded form.

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Difficulty: B1

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