Teachers Together English – L4U02 – Land Animals / Aquatic & Semi-Aquatic Animals

These lessons are part of the Teachers Together English Curriculum. The lessons in this unit are related to “Land Animals / Aquatic & Semi-Aquatic Animals“. These lessons are designed for young learners and are considered intermediate (A2).

  • Vocabulary includes: lion, elephant, giraffe, rhino, bear, deer, gorilla- types of bears, antlers, buck, doe, fawn, infant, silverback, kangaroo, raccoon- pouch, mask, nocturnal, shark, octopus- aquatic, fin, tentacles, camouflage, Dolphin, lobster- echolocation, pincers, shellfish, otter, penguin, beaver, social, webbed, flippers semi-aquatic, Platypus, turtle – shell, bill.
  • High Frequency Words (HFW) include: just, ask, an, over, around
  • Phonics includes: reading sh, ph, wh in sentences / syllables
  • Grammar includes: what, where, while, was, were in sentences
  • Math includes: intro 3D shapes.

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Difficulty: A2

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