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Classes and Activities

These lessons are part of the Teachers Together English Curriculum. The lessons in this unit revolve around “Classes and Activities”. These lessons are designed for young learners that are considered beginner (A1). These lessons will cover the topics of My School.

Vocabulary includes (Teacher, student, class, desk, whiteboard, music, art, history, computer, desktop, laptop, gym, gymnasium, basketball, volleyball, recess, playground, bell, language, English, Chinese, Spanish, science, math, experiment).
HFWs include (play, listen, said, go, past, time, ran, strong, fit, open, close, touch, speak, say, test, guess, solve).
Phonics include (og / il / et / aw).
Grammar covers To Be verbs, prepositions, want vs need, should & shouldn’t.
Math covers Writing numbers & number recognition 11-25.

Course Information

Difficulty: A1

Course Instructor

TeacherDavid TeacherDavid Author

TTE Daily Plan

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This plan will give you access to the lesson for one day to use as many times as you like with as many students as you want.

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