Teachers Together English – L5U08 – Pollution

These lessons are part of the Teachers Together English Curriculum. The lessons in this unit are related to “Pollution“. These lessons are designed for young learners and are considered intermediate (B1).

  • Vocabulary includes pollution, pollutants, ecosystem, biodiversity, ozone, climate change, degrade, deforestation, fossil fuel, smoke, pesticide, runoff, hazardous waste, emission, decompose, disposal, policy, law, prevent, regulation, windmill, solar panel, hydroelectric, geothermal, recycle, compost, plastic, landfill, secondhand (clothes), reuse, reduce, organic.
  • Grammar covers prepositions and prepositional phrases.

There are 10 complete lessons in this course. The fifth lesson is a review lesson, and the tenth lesson is an assessment lesson to learn more about what learners know.

As a bonus, helpful links are included to a variety of other games and resources that can be used to supplement or extend the lessons.

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