Parts of Speech: English Language Arts

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Difficulty: Beginner


In the flipped classroom model, new content (via video) is assigned as homework. This gives you the chance to:

  • Let students learn 100% at their own pace
  • Use class time exclusively for projects and practice activities
  • Circulate and give your students more one-on-one attention

Sound exciting? Try assigning a video lesson as homework and see why flipped learning is so powerful!

In this course we have curated a lot of relevant lessons revolving around the “Parts of Speech (conjunctionsEnglishgrammarinterjectionsmodifiersnounsprepositionspronounsverbs)”, created by EdPuzzel, that you can use with your students. Either use these lessons in your lesson and send a the provided link to the student after the lesson, or hold your own lesson, and then use these instructional video quizzes as “homework or pre-work” that you can send to your student for more practice. At the bottom of each lesson is a link you can right click on to grab and send to your student which will take them to the video quiz and let them listen and interact with it.

If you enjoy these types of lessons and want to create your own, then click on this join link here or at the bottom of each of the lessons to join EdPuzzel for FREE and get the ability to make an extra 3 videos on top of the 20 provided in the free membership.


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David Cole
David Cole

David Cole

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