Christmas Story

Christmas Story

An excellent lesson for your ELS students who may have heard of Christmas, but may not have had the opportunity to talk about it. This lesson will teach them some great vocabulary hear around the holiday season, have them practice reading and comprehension, as well as play some fun games using the vocabulary that they have now learned.

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Difficulty: Beginner

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David Cole David Cole Author

I am an energetic and highly qualified professional English tutor committed to my students success. Qualifications: I have a Masters Degree in Education. In addition, I have two years of teaching experience at the University level, four years of teaching experience at the corporate level, and over three years experience teaching English as as second language to children online. Teaching Style: In a typical class with me you can expect the use of many props to reinforce the topic and vocabulary from Robots to Ice Cream. I believe in scaffolding the lesson to best fit the needs of the individual student. So if your child needs a little extra attention I have several techniques to help their learning and make everyone happy! About Me: I enjoy working with children and have spent the past nine years raising my own son. Some of my passions in life include working with children, learning, computers, and digital animation with Legos. I love seeing the joy that comes when a child learns, laughs, and masters a new skill. I am a very energetic teacher and I love making kids excited about learning. My goal while teaching is to make learning English entertaining, fun, and enjoyable!

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