ChitChat 2 Fluency – Beginner

Everything required to teach kids ESL online from beginning to end. This will help them grow and have fun. This is your ESL Online solution.

This course curriculum is teaching ESL online to kids from 8 years old to 10 years old. The course includes the following lessons word families, sight words, grammar, and reading. This is a course based on the student’s ability not on their grade level. This curriculum is progressive and builds on itself. So your student is always improving. This will help them grow and have fun.

Introduction to ESL for Beginners

This Beginner ESL Lessons series starts with kids that know their ABC’s but have only started learning phonics. These students may still be struggling with simple sentences. These are beginner ESL lessons plans (ESL Curriculum) for teaching ESL online to kids. This online ESL curriculum is designed to focus on speaking, sight words, grammar, spelling, and phonics while preparing students to build and gain fluency.

The fundamental principle behind this curriculum starts with getting students to speak in complete sentences. Furthermore, building vocabulary, understand of what was read, and at a high level of competence. By doing this, the student begins to build confidence and start to talk more freely within the classroom. Once you build that strong bond with your students that is when you see them piece everything together. They will start expressing themselves at their own discretion.

Using external resources to tailor the ESL curriculum for each of your students creates a semi-customized curriculum. This is really how you can personalize your online ESL program for each student.

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Difficulty: A1

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Chit Chat 2 Fluency Level 2


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David Cole
David Cole

David Cole

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