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ChitChat 2 Fluency
Survival English

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  • Doing Something?
    • Baking Cookies with Friends
    • Building a Blanket Fort
    • Eating with Friends and Family
    • Favorite Toys to Play with Friends
    • Having a Sleepover
    • Making Origami with Friends
    • Paper Airplane Contest
    • Playing Board Games With Friends
    • Playing Hide and Seek
    • Reading Books With Mom
    • Talking About Video Games
    • Doing Chores
    • Recess With Friends
    • Riding Bikes With Friends
    • Playing Sports With Friends
    • Watching Movies With Friends
    • Watching TV With Friends
  • Going Somewhere?
    • Going Camping
    • Going to a Magic Show with Friends
    • Going to the Airport
    • Going to the Beach
    • Going to the Doctor’s Office
    • Going to the Fire Station
    • Going to the Library
    • Going to the Movies
    • Going to the Museum
    • Going to the Playground
    • Going to a Birthday Party
    • Going to the Dentist
    • Visiting My Best Friend
    • Go to Grandma’s House
    • Going Hiking
    • Going to Parent’s Work
    • Going to the Park 
    • Going to the Pet Store
    • Going to the Restaurant
    • Going to School (first day)
    • Going to the Supermarket
    • Going to the Toy Store
    • Going to the Zoo


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For questions about the curriculum, you can reach out to Daniel directly.

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