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ChitChat 2 Fluency
Conversational Reading

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  • Novice
    • “I Am Happy With My Job”
    • “Farmers And Their Dances”
    • “Mother Helps”
    • “My Brown Cat”
    • “Ride A Bike”
    • “Sad Cat”
    • “Fixing The Car”
    • “We Study”
    • “Tell Father I Found The Page”
    • “The Building”
    • “A Trip With Friends”
    • “A Man And The Hat”
    • “My Little Pet Bat”
    • “The Cup”
    • “Our Story”
    • “I see 1 tiger”
    • “The New Place”
    • “The Boy On The Farm”
    • “Plant A Tree”
    • “In The Sea”
  • Beginner
    • “A Trip With Friends”
    • “My Baby Sister”
    • “Breakfast Time”
    • “Our Little Garden”
    • “Please Get Under The Bed”
    • “The White Flowers”
    • “Where Is My Dog”
    • “A Birthday Party”
    • “I Ate All Four Cookies”
    • “What do you see?”
    • “White Christmas”
    • “The Shoes”
    • “The Little Nest”
    • “The Apple Tree”
    • “My Toy Car”
    • “My Sick Fish”
    • “Mail A Letter”
    • “Drink Some Tea”
    • “A Cookout”
  • Pre-Intermediate
    • “Chicago Riverwalk”
    • “The Grand Ole Opry”
    • “The Nashville Zoo”
    • “The Country Music Hall of Fame”
    • “The RCA Studio B”
    • “Take A City Tour”
    • “The Statue Of Liberty”
    • “The Empire State Building”
    • “Times Square”
    • “Coney Island”
    • “Broadway”
    • Land of the Song: Wales
  • High-Intermediate
    • Croatia: The Zadar Sea Organ
    • Greece: Acropolis, Athens
    • Musee d’ Orsay
    • St. Petersburg: Whitenights
    • The Netherlands’: Tulip Farms
    • The Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure
    • The Bulgarian City


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