Blue Cherry English

Helping fully online ESL niche teachers save time and money through curated online curriculums. We make ESL zero prep PowerPoint style lessons for the busy teacher. If not enrolled, then subscribe here first.

Blue Cherry equips ESL/ELL teachers with the tools necessary to work with China-based students. Our aim is to set these students up for success in an English speaking world. Teachers can utilize our in-house curriculum featuring communicative competence as a primary focus. The lessons are designed to be taught online, in real time with face to face interaction through the use of screen sharing type software. The lessons work well with class sizes ranging from one-on-one to 1 on 4.

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Express Yourself!

Advanced Conversation + IELTS
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  • Unit 1
    • My Success!
    • My Money!
    • My Time!
  • Unit 2
    • My Physical Health!
    • My Mental Health!
    • My Spiritual Health!
  • Unit 3
    • My Commute!
    • My Vacation!
    • My Travels!
  • Unit 4
    • My Getaway!
    • My Motivation!

Hey Kids: Let’s Talk!

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  • Lessons
    • So Many Trees
    • The Amazing Garden
    • Garden Critters
    • The Peaceful Park
    • The City Square
    • Crystal Clear Water
    • The Blue Sky
    • The Restaurant
    • The Amusement Park
    • The Big City
    • The Shopping Mall
    • The Small Town
    • On The Road
    • Getting Ready For School
    • Thanksgiving