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Absolute Beginners Entry Level Lessons.

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  • Numbers
    • Numbers 1-5 / Letters A,B
    • Numbers 6-10 / Letters C,D
  • Farm Animals
    • Farm Animals: Day 1: What is it? It’s a (cow, goat, horse).  Letters E,F
    • Farm Animals: Day 2: Is it a ___? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. It’s a (sheep, pig).  Letters G, H
    • Farm Animals: Day 3: What are they? They are ____. Review all farm animals. 
  • Colors
    • Colors: Day 1: What color is it? It is (review all colors).  Letter Review (A-H)
    • Colors: Day 2: The ______ is (color).  Letter Review (A-H) 
  • What Can You Do?
    • What Can You Do? Day 1: What can you do? I can (jump, swim, run). Letters (I,J)
    • What Can You Do? Day 2: Who can (dance, ride a bike)? She/He/They can ____. Letters (K,L)
    • What Can You Do? Day 3: Can (she/he/they) ______? Yes, she can. No, she can’t. She can (sing). Letters (M,N)
    • What Can You Do? Day 4: Review all actions – Review letters (I – N)
  • How Are You?
    • How Are You? Day 1: How are you? I’m (happy, sad, angry). Letters (O,P)
    • How Are You? Day 2: Is she/he (hungry, sleepy)? Yes, she/he is. No she/he isn’t. Letters (Q,R) 
    • How Are You? Day 3: Are they ____? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. Letter Review (O-R) 
  • T is for Toys
    • Toys: a doll, playdough, blocks, a puzzle – I have (a) ___. I don’t have (a) _________. Letters (S,T)
    • Toys: a kite, a ball – Do you want a ___? No, I don’t. I want a (kite, ball). Letters (U)
    • Toys: Day 3: Toys: car, plane, boat- There is a ____ in the toy box. Letters (V)
    • Toys: Show and Tell Class: Review all toys (letters S-V)
  • W is for Weather
    • How’s the weather? It’s (sunny, cloudy, rainy.) Letter (W) is for Weather
    • Is it ____? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t [VOC: snowy, cold] Letter (X)
    • It’s windy. I can fly a kite. Letters (W,X)
  • Z is for Zoo
    • What can you see at the zoo? I can see a (tiger, giraffe, bear, zebra)
    • Can you see a ___? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. I can see a (lion, hippo, panda, kangaroo).
    • There is a / There are ______ at  zoo. Review all letters and animals.

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